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May 8, 2013

ICC T20 World Cup Global Qualifier 2013: UAE to host ICC T20 World Cup Global qualifier

The UAE will be once again playing host to the World Twenty20 Qualifiers in October 2013, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced following a two-day meeting of its Executive Board at their headquarters in Dubai Sports City.The UAE had earlier played host to the 2010 and 2012 World Qualifiers with Afghanistan and Ireland qualifying for both events respectively. Unlike the earlier two qualifiers where two teams qualified, the 2013 event will have six spots on offer.
    The changes, which were made during the Board meeting, will come into effect for the 2014 ICC World Twenty20 Championship to be hosted by Bangladesh. The Board also confirmed a consitutional amendment which will redefine the role of the ICC president and create a new post, the Board chairman.

   The 2014 ICC World T20 qualifier will take place in October 2013. UAE will be hosting the event for the 3rd time successively. This tournament will be different to the previous 3 World T20 qualifiers because as many as SIX teams will get the chance to qualify for the finals in Bangladesh April 2014. In the past 4 editions of the ICC World T20 only 2 associates or 3 in the case of 2009 have been allowed to participate in the world finals. 2009 was an exception because Zimbabwe didn't participate during the event in England. Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and one of the associates will make up one of the four groups at the ICC World T20 2014. This is the 2nd largest ICC tournament currently with the ICC-19 World Cup with both consisting of 16 teams, previously the 2007 World Cup in the West Indies also compromised of 16 teams.
   Generally, it is regarded that more associates in the World T20 is better than the World Cup because this is the best opportunity for them to develop and potentially cause a few upsets. In the main World Cup, however if there are not that many teams playing the title loses it's value. This is the challenge the ICC faces of balancing the two.
Participants:Ireland, Afghanistan, Netherland, Namibia, Canada, Scotland, Nepal , Hong Kong, UAE, United States of America, Papua New Guinea, Bermuda, Kenya, Uganda, Two teams from ICC Europe Division I

Previous World T20 qualifying winners:-
2009 = Ireland and Scotland
2010 = Afghanistan
2012 = Ireland
Associates at the ICC World T20
2007 = Scotland and Kenya
2009 = Ireland, Scotland and Holland
2010 = Ireland and Afghanistan
2012 = Ireland and Afghanistan
2014 = left to be decided
Bangladesh are proposing to host the finals across eight different venues over 20 days with over 50 matches to be played. This will be the longest ICC World T20 in terms of number of participants and number of encounters played. Stay with all for all exclusive updates of the Tournament.


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